These days, Baryn Futa is known primarily as an art collector of some note, with a collection so impressive, he usually loans his pieces to museums all over the country, as a way to encourage great appreciation for the arts on the parts of many people. In addition to maintaining his own collection, which he views as an all-out attempt to preserve art for the future, Baryn Futa also maintains memberships in many prominent art museums with impressive collections of their own. Among those include the Guggenheim, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and The Jewish Museum, in addition to many others.

It is Baryn Futa’s firm belief that one of the most noble pursuits of any art benefactor is to do his part to preserve art for the ages. Of course, those efforts can only be successful if more people to appreciate the arts as he does. That is a tall order, but Baryn Futa does his part, anyway. While everyone has some level of art appreciation, and such appreciation is considered a key element of every human society and should be supported, that fact is, appreciation is lacking.