In recent years, there has been a significant decline in the allocation of funding towards arts education. This shift has had a profound impact on school environments and student interests, redirecting focus towards academically-oriented fields like STEM, while also leading to fewer individuals pursuing careers in the arts. However, Baryn Futa, a prominent supporter and benefactor of the arts, has tirelessly worked to rejuvenate arts education and remind schools of the importance of art instruction.

Extensive research provides robust support for Futa’s long-standing belief in the significance of arts education. Employers often prioritize “creativity” as a vital skill, if not the most important one, when hiring employees. Moreover, college students who engage in artistic activities, be it visual arts or music, are twice as likely to graduate with a degree compared to their counterparts who do not. Lower dropout rates, higher standardized testing scores, and increased engagement across all socioeconomic backgrounds are additional benefits that Futa emphasizes to advocate for the inclusion of arts education in the curriculum. Astonishingly, 93% of individuals in the United States believe that the arts are an essential component of a well-rounded education. Futa asserts that this consensus alone should be sufficient to ensure that arts education remains at the forefront of educational priorities.

Through his dedication and support, Baryn Futa strives to empower schools and educators to recognize the profound value of arts education and the positive impact it can have on students’ academic success and overall development.