Baryn Futa did not begin collecting art until he was older. He was retired by the time he really discovered his love for the fine arts. This is not typically how an art collector’s journey begins, but every one is different. Baryn Futa soon found that he loved the arts and wanted to interact them even more than he already was.

Upon retiring, Baryn Futa volunteered with the Denver Art Museum and soon thereafter began seeking to learn everything he could about the fine arts. This includes going to actual classrooms to sit in front of lecturing teachers, participating in online classes, taking trips to go to art fairs, and visiting nearby art museums and exhibitions as well. He was like a sponge, soaking up all the art knowledge that he possibly could.

Today, Baryn Futa is the owner is a relatively impressive art collection. He occasionally even lends pieces from his collection out to exhibitions and museums so that the public enjoy them.