Almost everyone feels that nearly everyone appreciates art on some level. We all like to visit art museums and peruse the great works and we all like to put art that speaks to us in our homes, for example. What distressed Baryn Futa, however, is that few actually support fine art and artists to the extent they should. That is why he works so hard at supporting the arts as much as possible. He intends to pick up the slack for the people who simply can’t afford to support the arts with adequate investment.

Baryn Futa sees his art collection as far more than an investment that makes him a lot of money. He also sees himself as a preservationist, since the art he collects is being saved for current and future generations. He views his art investment as a noble cause that benefits all of society. Art is a necessary and defining part of any culture, and it is the main method generations have for communication with future generations, so that makes art important enough to preserve for future generations.