What is the value of humanity? Can humanity’s value be calculated? Often times, we can see this value dictated by the representation of humanity seen in high art. This kind of art is designed to reflect humanity at its best and most poetic. It is often created by artists that have been funded in order to remove any obstacles that might arise from needing financial assistance in order to complete their visions. Without the impediment of living expenses an artist can feel free to work diligently to bring their ideas and dreams to fruition. Thus, with financial support, an artist can truly create high art.

Baryn Futa is a lover of art, especially high art. He looks for ways to both receive as well as support high art whenever he can. He also strives to always share the works that he has found as they have brought him great feelings and he hopes that others may find their own experiences through art as well. When traveling Baryn Futa often will work to find examples of high art that represents the humanity of that particular area and then shares that with those back home. True artistic genius is rare, but the ability to capture humanity at its core does not always take genius, it often simply takes courage and dedication to take a project from vision to completion.